Calling the OCI CLI from ODI

How do you call the OCI CLI from ODI? It’s easy with the Operating System task. I did try the Java SDK but was having some issues with the compatibility between what ODI ships and the newer versions of the OCI SDKs, the CLI gives a clean break from this dependency and let’s you do what you need.

You can install the OCI CLI very quickly using the command in the doc below .

I’ve created a procedure (could create a user defined function) in this case to invoke the CLI to create an OCI Dataflow application. All of the parameters are defined as options and used in the target command which invokes the CLI.

The command I defined is here;

The options for the execution are below;

Executing the procedure will create a dataflow application in OCI Dataflow;

Below you can see the dataflow application has been created in the compartment specified in the options with the name and configuration defined in the ODI procedure.

This was all using the ODI Classic version on OCI Marketplace.

There’s a lot of cool capabilities in the OCI CLI and that are possible via this path, see the OCI CLI command reference for more information;

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