Discovering Entities in Documents and Images with OCI Vision and Data Integration

Example table in a PDF document from OCI AI Vision service
Vision API in action within OCI Console
  1. the POST API call to create the document job
  2. the retrieval of the document job ocid
  3. poll on the document job using the ocid from point 2 until its completed
  4. support terminate document job

Creating the Document Job

Create a REST Task in Data Integration
REGION parameter has been added.
Define REGION parameter value
Content-Type header with value.
Accept header with value.
"inputLocation": {
"objectLocations": [
"bucketName": "a_delta_archive",
"namespaceName": "mynamespace",
"objectName": "quarter_numbers_abc.pdf"
"bucketName": "a_delta_archive",
"namespaceName": "mynamespace",
"objectName": "quarter_numbers_xyz.pdf"
"outputLocation": {
"bucketName": "a_delta_archive",
"namespaceName": "mynamespace",
"prefix": "visionout"
"compartmentId": "ocid1.compartment.oc1..mycompartment",
"displayName": "visiondata",
"isZipOutputEnabled": false
Success condition

Retrieving the Document Job OCID

Define a polling API call
CAST(json_path(SYS.RESPONSE_PAYLOAD, '$.id') AS String)
Get the document job OCID

Polling on the Document Job

Define the polling API
CAST(json_path(SYS.RESPONSE_PAYLOAD, '$.lifecycleState') AS String) != 'SUCCEEDED' AND CAST(json_path(SYS.RESPONSE_PAYLOAD, '$.lifecycleState') AS String) != 'FAILED'AND CAST(json_path(SYS.RESPONSE_PAYLOAD, '$.lifecycleState') AS String) != 'TERMINATED'
Define the polling condition

Terminating a Document Job

Define the terminate/cancel API
Use resource principal
REST task is completed




Architect at @Oracle developing cloud services for data. Connect on Twitter @i_m_dave

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David Allan

David Allan

Architect at @Oracle developing cloud services for data. Connect on Twitter @i_m_dave

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