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1 min readJul 7, 2023


Hi Idan

There's a postman collection here that creates the REST Tasks I have used, the one in here polls;


to poll, after the CI is launched in the REST task expressions I get the container id that was launched;

CAST(json_path(SYS.RESPONSE_PAYLOAD, '$.containers[0].containerId') AS String)

in polling endpoint I get that specific container information;


and my polling condition checks for lifecycle details not being CONTAINER_TERMINATED;

CAST(json_path(SYS.RESPONSE_PAYLOAD, '$.lifecycleDetails') AS String) != 'CONTAINER_TERMINATED'

This will keep the REST task running until the container (not ContainerInstance - that's a top level OCI wrapper concept) is in terminated status. Check the blog on the POSTMAN collection above, this does all of that if you create those tasks.

As for the question about reusing the CI, you will pay for the life of the CI, you could have a long running CI and run commands, the interface to execution of those commands would be different.





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