Pandas, Functions and Data Integration

Viewing the upstream input data for the function
Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 were added as inputs to function.
The var_name (quarter) and value_name (sales) attributes were added as function configuration.
Define the output attributes — quarter and sales
View the data
echo '{"data":"<base64 encoded JSON document>","parameters":{"parameter_name":"parameter_value", "parameter_name":"parameter_value", "parameter_name":"parameter_value"}}' | fn invoke <fnapplicationname> <fnname>
{"secret_id_field":1,"staff_no":9999, "name":"Dean McGrath", "2016":349, "2017":231, "2018":876, "2019":679}
echo '{"data":"eyJzZWNyZXRfaWRfZmllbGQiOjEsInN0YWZmX25vIjo5OTk5LCAibmFtZSI6IkRlYW4gTWNHcmF0aCIsICIyMDE2IjozNDksICIyMDE3IjoyMzEsICIyMDE4Ijo4NzYsICIyMDE5Ijo2Nzl9Cg==","parameters":{"id_cols":"staff_no,name","var_name":"year","value_name":"hours"}}' | fn invoke diworkshopapp unpivot


debugparam = input_parameters.get("debug")debug = "false"if (debugparam is not None):    debug = debugparam# Example to print the input data to the OCI Functions log
if debug == "true":
print(input_data, flush=True)

Common Issues




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